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My Favorite

My Favorite Tree
Autumn Blaze Pear

My favorite trees tend to be on the ornamental side. I love serviceberries, hawthorns and ornamental pears. The best ornamental tree in my opinion is one that is changing and beautiful for more than one season. Autumn Blaze Pear is one such tree. Not only do you get the beautiful, white, fragrant flowers bursting in the spring, it also turns bright red in the fall. To top it off, it is very hardy. It is kind of a show off!

Marcie M. Pryor, LEED AP – BrightView, Sheridan, Colorado (303) 761-9262 •

My Favorite Shrub
Summer Wine Ninebark

This Ninebark provides color, contrast and makes a statement, with minimal care. The shrub matures to 4’ tall and 4’ wide and grows at a maximum elevation of 9,000 ft. It does best in full sun with an average amount of water initially but can withstand minimal drought once established and can adapt to a variety of soil conditions. Summer Wine produces white button like flowers in early June that cover its arching branches. A reliable low maintenance shrub that adds variety and interest to the landscape, the Summer Wine Ninebark can’t be beat!

Ron Marchelletta, Vice President of Operations – Denver Commercial Property Services, Denver, CO (303) 944-6208 •

My Favorite Ground Cover
Dragon’s Blood Sedum

I often use Dragon’s Blood Sedum in planting areas where I want a fast spreading ground cover. It has a beautiful dark burgundy color and produces a rosered flower in early Summer. This Sedum looks especially beautiful under shrubs or trees where it can replace the necessity for mulch or rock. Use it where it can just ‘do its thing’ by covering an area without restriction.

Lynn M. Gregory, Owner – Chelsea Gardens, Inc. Denver, CO (303) 321-5645

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