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Why Fertilize Trees?

The trees on your property look a lot like their self-sufficient, forest-dwelling cousins, but there’s one big difference: their environment.

While forest trees get plenty of nutrients from the breakdown of leaves and other organic matter, the trees and shrubs on well-kept properties aren’t so lucky. The lack of nutrients can make for trees that grow slower, are more susceptible to insects and disease, and have shorter life spans—not exactly ideal for your yard

The fall is a great time to give trees and shrubs a boost in the nutritional department, as it helps them recover from summer stress and gear up for the cooler weather.

To help deliver the good stuff straight to the roots, we use specialized soil injection equipment to deliver the liquid tree fertilizer about 6-8 inches beneath the soil surface. This process is called deep root fertilization

How to tell If your trees need fertilization:
• Yellowing or off-color leaves out of season
• Visible dieback
• Stunted new shoot growth
• Loss of leaves
• Unusually small leaves


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