Timely Tips Fall 2018


Daniel Van Starrenburg

Tips from the Top

SavATree CEO Daniel Van Starrenburg talks about his recent experiences with the Great Basing Bristlecone Pine Tree, one of the world’s oldest trees.

tree art

The Art of Tree Shaping

Full Grown is the only company in the world to use living trees to create sculptures. Find out more about these beautiful and unique art  pieces.

My Favorites

Landscapers share their favorite tree, shrub and ground cover to enhance their properties throughout the fall.

beautiful lawn

Your Lawn Questions Answered

SavATree’s lawn care experts share tips on how to keep your Colorado lawn healthy throughout the cooler months.

How to Prevent Storm Damage

Keeping your trees under control is the best way to protect your property from dangerous fall and winter storms.

waxy leaves

Protect Your Trees and Shrubs During the Colder Seasons

The damage caused by plants during the winter is often caused by lack of moisture, not the cold weather or snow. Find out how SavATree can help you protect your plants all winter long.

handshake with bob delbridge

Company Update

Our tribe keeps growing! We are excited to welcome an expansion to our Bucks County, PA branch with the merger with Brooks & Barber Tree Management and the addition of our brand new Norcross, GA branch with the merger with 404-Cut-Tree.

Arborist Profile: Redmond Tsao

Redmond Tsao is an arborist working out of our Bedford Hills, NY branch. Find out more about his love for arboriculture!

residential holiday decor

Holiday Lighting and Decor

SavATree’s Holiday Lighting and Decor experts in Colorado have years of experience in creating beautiful light displays for commercial properties during the holiday season. Find out how your commercial property can stand out this holiday season.

residential holiday decor

Fall and Winter 2018 Landscape Calendar

How can you ensure your property stays healthy throughout the colder months? SavATree’s experts give you their tips for the Fall and Winter 2018 seasons.