Timely Tips Spring 2017

Spring/Summer 2017


Tips From The Top

Every two years, our company undertakes a comprehensive customer survey. The feedback we receive is instructive: it sheds light on what our customers value most, why they choose SavATree and possible ways for us to get even better!

Daniel Van Starrenburg

Client Spotlight: Martha Stewart

We visited with our long time client and friend Martha Stewart on her bucolic 153 acre farm, located in Bedford, New York just a few miles up the road from SavATree’s corporate office. The breadth and depth of Martha’s knowledge of her landscape is remarkable and inspirational. Please enjoy these photos and excerpts from our interview.

Martha Stewart

Caring For Young Trees From The Beginning

The first five years are critical for long-term tree health and a well-established tree can mean substantially lower maintenance costs in the future. Here are some fundamentals to help you get your new tree off to a good start.

Young tree

The Importance of Nitrogen for Plant Health

Nitrogen is considered the most important component for supporting life – especially plant life. Nitrogen is a component of chlorophyll, and therefore essential for photosynthesis. It is also a significant component of nucleic acids such as DNA, the genetic material that allows plant cells to grow and reproduce, and of amino acids, the building blocks of life-sustaining proteins.

Plant health

Your Urban Garden: Let The Sunshine In!

Urban dwellers are all too familiar with the challenges of cultivating a garden in the city. Plant selection is limited by space constraints, drainage can be an issue and sunlight is often blocked by buildings and other structures.

Urban garden

The Consulting Group: Tree Preservation Planning for Construction

We talk about our case study on our project for the Ridgewood Reservoir in Queens, New York.

My favorites

My Favorite Tree, Shrub, and Groundcover

Read about red horsechestnut trees, redvein enkianthus shrubs, and sweet woodruff.

Beautiful Plants

In Chicagoland? Treat Your Landscape To Organic Mulch

Mulch benefits all types of plants, from flowers and vegetables to trees and shrubs. Learn more here.

The Mulch Center

Landscape Care Calendar

View monthly tips to provide proper care for your landscape.

Landscape calendar

Company Update

  • SavATree Supports Boys & Girls Clubs
  • SavATree Wins Safety Award
  • Employee Profile: Keith Schumpf
Company Update

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