Your Urban Garden: Let The Sunshine In!

Urban Garden

Urban dwellers are all too familiar with the challenges of cultivating a garden in the city. Plant selection is limited by space constraints, drainage can be an issue and sunlight is often blocked by buildings and other structures.

While we can’t offer you more outdoor space, we can help provide additional sunlight by placing your trees on a regular pruning cycle. The increased light can help your garden thrive and may allow for a greater variety of new plants. But there are other important benefits to pruning your trees.

Keeping a wide space (10 to 15 feet is recommended) between branches and your dwelling will discourage unwelcome intruders, such as squirrels. Maintaining clearance from buildings, fences and sidewalks will also prevent physical abrasion and reduce damage, particularly during high winds and storms. Just as important, increased air flow allows branches to dry and will discourage the growth of algae, mold and mildew.

Concerned about privacy? A professional arborist can prune trees and hedges with screening in mind. Leaving select branches growing between you and your neighbor’s windows provides a natural visual barrier.

So, for the health of your garden, your home and your family, talk to your arborist about pruning your trees.

Contact your local SavATree arborist for complimentary pruning recommendations for your urban trees.


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