Client Spotlight: Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart and Ryan McCallister

We visited with our long time client and friend Martha Stewart on her bucolic 153 acre farm, located in Bedford, New York just a few miles up the road from SavATree’s corporate office. The breadth and depth of Martha’s knowledge of her landscape is remarkable and inspirational. Please enjoy these photos and excerpts from our interview.


Q: When you initially laid eyes on Cantitoe Corners, what spoke to you about the property?

A: First of all, I wanted a place where I could grow things. So the first thing I did was test the soil! I was pleased that the property was half fields and half woodlands, though much of the woodlands were in poor condition. We have already reforested 70-80 acres, and last year alone we planted more than 6,000 seedlings.

Q: What are your plans for the property?

A: What is being created here is not for me, it is for my grandchildren … for the future. We have made a conscious effort to grow things sustainably and in a natural setting. As a result, we have attracted scores of birds and bats, which keep away bugs and disease. We make good use of everything and even produce our own compost, which we call black gold! Our future projects include a new orchard of 250 fruit trees, homing pigeons and perhaps even a dairy to produce cheese.

Q: What surprised you the most along the way?

A: We discovered we are in a storm belt and, unfortunately, have lost 500 trees over the years. Because we are vigilant about storm preparation, nothing has fallen on any of our structures. We have also learned that the more you take care of your trees, the less likely they will suffer storm damage.

Q: Why have you turned to SavATree these past 24 years to care for your landscape?

A: It is very important to me that my trees and woodlands are healthy and well maintained. I have found SavATree to be extremely knowledgeable and reliable. Whenever I have a problem, I can count on them to be responsive. There is also an educational benefit to the relationship as I acquire valuable knowledge from their arborists and specialists. I would recommend SavATree to anyone who is seeking high quality tree care.

Linden Allen Trees


Martha’s Rules!

  • Have a plan. Know the growing habits of the plant before you buy.
  • Make sure you don’t plant too close – plants will grow faster and bigger than you can imagine.
  • Take advantage of professional advice to ensure you plant the right tree in the right spot.
  • Buy plants from reliable sources.
  • Don’t settle for the typical, always be on the lookout for the unusual.
  • Make sure you take care of your plants and give them what they need (my secret is feeding them more than most).
Martha Stewart


Arborists at Martha Stewart's Farm


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