Company Update

SavATree Supports Boys & Girls Clubs

SavATree received three communications awards and a safety award at a recent Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) management conference. One award was for SavATree’s Community Service Program, a collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club of Northern Westchester.

Boys and Girls Club

As SavATree’s corporate charity, Boys and Girls Clubs throughout our service area receive annual donations. In addition, we partnered with a local club to increase awareness and involvement. We set up numerous gift triggers, such as automatic contributions after customers provide feedback or complete a satisfaction survey. Also, when customers provide a referral, they have the option of selecting a donation to the Club as their thank you gift from SavATree.

SavATree participated in the Club’s volunteer day, helping with outdoor clean up and beautification. Future plans include an environmental program centered around a new community garden.

SavATree Wins Safety Award

At the TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association) conference, SavATree was also recognized for a
multi-faceted and proactive initiative to improve the company safety culture.

The award winning initiative included these components:

  • Lime green safety cones used to identify the Critical Drop Zone area
  • Rearview cameras in our trucks
  • Branch Safety Radar Chart to depict all safety initiatives
  • Orange seatbelts to bring awareness of buckling up
  • Accessory mounts on trailers and chippers to reduce personal injury and property damage
  • Multilayered Job Hazard Assessment program

SavATree takes great pride in our ongoing efforts to improve job safety, which benefits our employees as well as our customers.

Employee Profile

Keith Schumpf

Keith Schumpf, Southhampton, New York Branch Manager and ISA Certified Arborist

Years of Service: 21 years at SavATree

Hobbies: hunting, fishing

How did you get started in this business? My brother was working for a tree company, so I joined him straight out of school. The first thing I learned was how to climb and I loved the excitement and physical challenge. Years later, that company merged with SavATree, and I was recruited through a friend to join their ranks.

What do you enjoy most about your job? I was a football coach for many years and to me, it’s all about building the team. I enjoy working with people, finding their strengths and helping them achieve their goals. Ultimately, this results in a stronger, more successful team.

Most memorable SavATree moment? Two things stand out in my mind. The first was my initial interview. I was impressed with SavATree’s leadership and vividly recall the feeling that I was getting in on the ground floor of something big. Another was the first time I attended a manager’s retreat. It was held in a conference room with glass doors framing a view of a
lake and sheer rock cliffs. As I gave my presentation, I thought about how far I had come from working in the field and my days as a climber.


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