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Ginko Biloba Gingko Biloba (Maidenhair tree)

Believe it or not, the Gingko Biloba is actually a living fossil and can live as long as 3000 years! Its column-like, pyramidal structure; unique, fan shaped leaves; and burst of yellow color in the fall make it an appealing addition to the landscape. In the winter, its bark and spur shoots also add interest. I have used the Gingko Biloba in foundation plantings, as a specimen and even as a topiary. Because it establishes easily and tolerates heat, air pollution and soil salt, the tree works well as a street tree or in urban areas, even in confined spaces.

Bill Flannery
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Tatarian Maple Tatarian ‘Hot Wings’ Maple (Acer tataricum)

It’s unusual to find a tree that is drought tolerant and truly interesting in all seasons. The Tatarian ‘Hot Wings’ Maple can be a specimen in winter with its multi-stem branching structure, a stand out in summer with its scarlet red samaras, and showy in fall with its orange, red, and yellow foliage. This ornamental tree makes an excellent focal point as well as a great eye-level privacy buffer. The attractive green palmate leaves provide shade in the heat of the summer. Beautiful and tough, the Tatarian ‘Hot Wings’ Maple deserves a place in your plant palate.

Jennifer Verprauskus
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