Company Update


SavATree Supporting our Veterans

SavATree is proud to be an official sponsor and partner of Saluting Branches: Arborists United for Veteran Remembrance, a national day of service charity dedicated to honoring our fallen veterans. In 2017, SavATree’s volunteer tree and landscape services took place at Fort Snelling National Cemetery in South Minneapolis, Minnesota.



SavATree Branches Out

Welcome Colorado Customers!
In April, SavATree merged with Mountain High Tree, Lawn and Landscape Company, marking our introduction into Colorado’s Front Range Urban Corridor: Denver and Colorado Springs. SavATree will provide deeper resources and expertise to Colorado clients, while continuing to offer the best possible service.

Welcome New Virginia Customers! 
Last spring, SavATree also merged with Thrive Plant Health Care Solutions in Sterling, Virginia, expanding our reach in the DC metro region. The merger provides expanded capabilities to enable faster and more efficient servicing of clients.

With these new branches, SavATree strengthens its position as the premier tree, shrub and lawn care company in its service areas.

Boys and Girls Clubs

Boys & Girls Club

Hats off to SavATree Customers!

As a token of our appreciation, SavATree offers a gift to homeowners who refer us to family, friends and neighbors. Among the choice of gift options is a donation, which is currently directed to Boys and Girls Clubs, SavATree’s corporate charity. As a result of your generosity, Boys and Girls Clubs received more than $43,000 in donations during a recent 12 month period. We thank you for helping young people realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

Nancy Watrud

Employee Profile: Nancy Watrud

Employee: Nancy Watrud, Office Manager, Brookville, New York
Years of Service: 19 years at SavATree
Hobbies: cooking, gardening, reading (just joined a book group!) and volunteer work – my favorite is Habitat for Humanity

How did you get started in this business?

My background is in elementary education and I got into the tree care industry completely by accident. It turned out my husband knew a colleague of the former owner of the business that is now SavATree. I worked for him for only 3 months back in 1998 and have worked for SavATree ever since.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I would have to say it’s the people – both fellow team members and customers. I have worked with some co-workers for many years and have welcomed their babies and attended weddings and graduations. Our customers are wonderful and I have gotten to know them well over the years. I particularly enjoy training new employees and traveling to new SavATree locations.

Most memorable SavATree moment?

I will never forget the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, when our world was turned upside down. The devastation was incredible and neighborhood landscapes looked completely different as a result. The day after the storm, we had no power or internet at the branch and I couldn’t even get to the office with tangled masses of power lines and trees strewn across roads. I set up shop at a local church that had power, took calls on my cell phone and let people know we would get to them as soon as we could. We were cleaning up storm damage through the following year.

Darren Budlong

Employee Profile: Darren Budlong

Employee: Darren Budlong, Tree Care Team Leader, Denver, CO
Years of Service: 10 years at Mountain High/SavATree
Hobbies: On the weekends, I’m always rock climbing in the mountains. Or you can find me in my workshop, where I make things out of leftover wood.

How did you get started in this business?

I started out as a rock climber and guide in Wyoming. When I decided that I needed more steady work, I moved to Denver and became a tree climber. I was already familiar with ropes and knots, but had a lot to learn about tree biology, pruning and removals. Thankfully, I had a lot of help along the way.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I really enjoy the crews I work with on a daily basis. I find satisfaction in training them and seeing how they progress from someone on the ground who can’t tie a knot to a competent climber who is capable of performing the job well. The ultimate accomplishment is when they use their own creativity to approach a situation.

Most memorable SavATree moment?

I will never forget my first climbing competition. I was brand new with only one year under my belt in the industry and it was real eye opener. I saw so many new styles and techniques, learned a lot and had a good time. Just as rock climbers are a tight knit group, I found that tree climbers are also a close community of people who all know each other and it’s great to be a part of it.