Tree Preservation at UConn

UConn Campus

The University of Connecticut (UConn) was the first college in Connecticut to be named a Tree Campus USA by the Arbor Day Foundation for effectively managing their campus trees. To obtain this distinction, UConn’s Office of Environmental Policy, in conjunction with the Office of University Planning, the campus tree warden, the Arboretum Committee and Facilities Operations developed a comprehensive campus tree care plan.

UConn’s plan includes detailed tree protection and preservation procedures to be followed during construction projects. As renovations began at the Henry Ruthven Monteith Building, The Consulting Group at SavATree, a subcontractor to KBE Building Corporation, the general contractor, was selected to implement and oversee the work required to preserve trees during the construction process according to UConn’s tree preservation specifications.

Tree in Front of Campus Building

Pruning was performed for crown clearing, general health and safety, and building clearance.

Site Map

The Consulting Group provided construction oversight during the entire renovation by carefully monitoring tree protection practices against the specs depicted in the plans.

Man Working in Trench

Excavation, needed here to remove a sidewalk in order to accommodate a new ADA compliant parking area, can easily result in ripped or torn roots. To minimize damage, an “air spade” is used to remove soil and expose roots without causing damage. SavATree’s consulting arborists then determine which roots can be safely removed and they are meticulously cut by hand.

Man Working on Tree Roots

To reinvigorate the tree and help it recover from root pruning, SavATree specialists apply a growth regulating product into the soil at the root flare.


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