Deer Services

DeerTech is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the next generation of ultrasound devices to deter deer feeding! Our new device draws on over a decade of experience as well as the latest technological advancements to help keep your landscape looking its best year round.

    The new proprietary device features these improvements:

  • Less noticeable (40% smaller)
  • 360 degree protection utilizing motion activation
  • On-the-fly programming capability (easier to prevent deer adaptation)

Our testing indicates our new device is significantly more effective than previous devices. When utilized as part of our 3-Circles of Protection, deer feeding is greatly reduced, providing excellent protection in all seasons and eliminating the need for fencing.

Our new device will launch in spring 2016*, so talk to your arborist today about setting up a program to protect your property from hungry deer!

* Not available in all markets. Existing clients will be given the opportunity to upgrade their devices at cost.

For details, visit


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