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Bruce Powell

Bruce Powell, ISA Certified Arborist, CT Licensed Arborist

Years of Service: 9 years; 42 years as an arborist

Hobbies:sailing, coaching youth lacrosse, hiking, family time and a passion for gardening

How did you get started in this
I grew up in the outdoors, hiking, fishing and gardening, so it was a natural for me to work in the woods. One of my primary motivations was to help protect the environment. I received a degree in forestry from Paul Smith College, then met Bill Butler, an extremely knowledgeable plantsman who had a small nursery and landscape business in West Hartford. I worked with Bill for 33 years, until his company merged with SavATree nine years ago.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I’m fortunate to love what I do and to work for the finest arboricultural organization in the U.S. Each day, I look forward to seeing my clients and
to building relationships with new ones. I also take great pride in caring for “my baby” – the largest tree in Connecticut, the Pinchot-Sycamore.

Most memorable SavATree moment?
Because I was with SavATree from its early beginnings, it has been incredible to watch the company’s success and growth over the years. Another highlight was volunteering with the New Jersey Youth Corps, where I introduced urban, disadvantaged kids to the joys of caring for trees and parks. Some of these kids expressed genuine interest and enthusiasm, and I can still remember how their faces lit up. It was unforgettable.


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