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Fall/Winter 2016


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The Rewards of a Green Career

Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.
– John Muir, American naturalist, preservationist, and “Father of the National Parks”

Lawn: Seeking the Perfect Seed Variety

It might be a stretch to say the relationship between you and your turfgrass is like a marriage, but it should certainly be a long-term, mutually enjoyable relationship.

What’s Happening In Your Neck of The Woods

White Pine Needle Damage (WPND) is likely caused by one, or perhaps a combination of a few, fungal pathogens. Scientists suspect that excessive spring rainfalls over several consecutive years created the conditions that caused these fungi to proliferate. Other climate- related factors, such as above-average winter temperatures followed by late- spring frosts, may have played a role in the blight.

Landscape Architects Share Their Favorite Tree, Shrub and Groundcover

Three prominent landscape architects discuss their favorite trees, shrubs and groundcovers.

Client Spotlight: Chicago Botanic Garden

SavATree is privileged to count The Chicago Botanic Garden among its clients. Open for more than 40 years, The Garden has matured into one of the world’s great living museums and conservation science centers with more than one million visitors annually. Its living plant collection consists of 2.6 million accessioned and mapped plants, of which 14,671 are trees.

Company Update

SavATree is proud to be an official sponsor and partner of Saluting Branches: Arborists United for Veteran Remembrance, a national day of service charity dedicated to honoring our fallen veterans.

Landscape Care Calendar

See what the schedule is from September through February! See what the schedule is from September through February!

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Tips From the Top

Green Lawn
Lawn: Seeking the Perfect Seed Variety

Saluting Our Troops
Company Update