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MARYLAND NATIONAL CAPITAL PARK AND PLANNING was concerned about damage at the base of a majestic white oak adjacent to transmission lines.

They hired The Consulting Group at SavATree to perform a Tree Risk Assessment to project the likelihood of tree failure.

The tree is in a remote wooded area. However, it is close enough to power lines to have significant consequences in the event of failure.

Multiple wounds were observed on all sides at the base of the tree including the discolored, dead bark wounds shown on the left side of the photo. Notable beaver damage to the buttress roots of the tree prompted the call for an evaluation.

A TreeRadar™ Assessment

Tree Scan

This assessment was performed by SavATree, a non-invasive method used to determine the degree of decay in tree trunks and roots.

Tree Risk Assessment

Scan data indicates a pattern of fairly uniform decay in lower elevations that decreases moving up the trunk. The risk rating for the tree, based upon industry standards, is Moderate.


Annual monitoring was advised, as was the collection of samples of fruiting bodies in the area for analysis and confirmation of the decay agent. Because the tree provides significant benefits it was recommended to retain it until such time when the probability of failure increases to Likely and the risk to High, due to further spread of decay.

Tree Parked in Front of Brick Building

BRIGHT HORIZONS EARLY EDUCATION AND PRESCHOOL decided to create an outdoor playground. Because the project was required to meet the City of Rockville’s forest conservation measures, SavATree was brought in for tree preservation, monitoring and reporting.

Tree Preservation

During understory clearance and installation of playground equipment, tree armor comprised of wooden planks and foam protected tree trunks from heavy machinery. Sand bags covered the root flares at the base of the trees.

In preparation for excavation and sidewalk paving, an air spade was used to remove soil without harming tree roots. Here the roots are pruned by hand and cut cleanly, to minimize damage to the tree.

Construction Site


The project was completed near the start of the school year. Throughout, trees were protected according to best management practices and in compliance with the City of Rockville’s Forest Conservation Plan.

Tree Protection During Construction


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