Tips From The Top
by Daniel van Starrenburg, President

Cornerstones of Sustainability

Daniel Van Starrenberg From the beginning, respect for the environment has been a core SavATree value. On our company’s 30 th anniversary, we herald an enduring commitment to responsible stewardship and sustainability.

Evaluating new breakthroughs

As the science of landscape care rapidly evolves, we constantly search for better ways to achieve results with fewer inputs and the incorporation of sustainable and organic materials.

Choosing ingredients

While all the regulated ingredients in our programs have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), our organic ingredients meet the rigorous requirements of the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI): the same standards used for the production of organic food!

Delivering nutrients responsibly

SavATree and SavaLawn select the highest quality ingredients available to replenish critical nutrients for plant health. Our exclusive mix includes organic seakelp based biostimulants and micronutrients. The selected nitrogen is slow release to optimize its benefit and phosphorus is added only when there is a deficiency.

Routing the fleet

To route our 380 company trucks, we licensed software originally developed by UPS to ensure the most efficient routes possible, while maximizing customer service. Our no idling policy further reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Timing applications

Applying the right product at the right time is key to positive outcomes on the landscape. Our proprietary database software is the best in the industry to ensure that client landscapes get what they need, when they need it.

Educating the Community

Our team enthusiastically participates in over 50 community and trade events annually. We share our expertise on sustainable practices at workshops, talks, garden walks and webinars.

SavATree is proud to hold the following designations:

  • Signatory Supporter, Urban Waters Federal Partnership
  • Consultant, US Forest Service Northern Research Station’s Baltimore Urban Field Station
  • Project Coordinator, Baltimore Urban Waters Partnership
  • Strategic Partner, Sustainable Urban Forests Coalition
  • NGO Partner, Millennium Reserve
  • Collaborator, National Science Foundation’s Long-Term Ecological Research
  • Member, Chesapeake Bay Program Urban Tree Canopy Expert Panel
  • Designated Green Clean Company by Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation’s Water Quality Agreement
  • Official plant health care provider for Chicago Botanic Garden
  • Member, New York Department of Environmental Protection’s

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