Tips From The Top

by Daniel van Starrenburg, President

Being the Best

SavATree is obsessed with high quality service, safety, productivity and good citizenship.

At SavATree, we won’t settle for second best. But that’s much easier to say than to achieve. So we spend a great deal of time thinking about what it actually means to be the best, what we must do to set ourselves apart, and how to continuously gauge and improve our level of success.

Any measure of a leading organization must include quality. SavATree customers count on us for the highest quality service, based upon the knowledge and expertise of our professional arborists who evaluate their landscape needs and make recommendations. Quality also means unparalleled customer service, not only from our arborists but also from our crews and local branch offices. At every opportunity, we solicit direct customer feedback in order to ensure that we are providing service that meets or exceeds expectations and delights our customers.

Because our work can be hazardous, safety is a primary concern. We don’t want our people getting hurt and have developed a robust safety culture that serves our team and our customers well. Our effectiveness in this area was validated by a recent external audit that yielded an outstanding risk control assessment score.

SavATree is immersed in LEAN Sigma and employs its waste reduction principles to boost productivity and add value for all stakeholders. In the field, this translates to getting the job done right the first time. All vehicles are fully equipped to handle a multitude of conditions, so there is rarely a need to inconvenience property owners with a return trip. Increased productivity pays additional dividends: it helps reduce cost and allows us to deliver superior service at even more competitive rates.

In order to be considered the best, we must also do right by our employees, communities and the environment. SavATree is proud to offer our employees living wages with benefits, plus opportunities for advancement, training and development. We demonstrate our commitment to the communities in which we live and work through dozens of corporate memberships and sponsorships that support important historic landmarks, museums, community parks, botanical gardens, arboretums, schools, garden clubs and professional associations.

Finally, our commitment to the environment is an essential component of good corporate citizenship. Caring for landscapes using the most advanced, environmentally responsible and sustainable methods is a core value and a hallmark of SavATree.


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