My Favorite Tree, Shrub and Groundcover

Beautiful Autumn Tree

My Favorite Tree

Sienna Glen ® Maple (Acer Frem anii ‘Sienna’)

A cross between a Silver Maple and a Red Maple, the Sienna Glen Maple is fast growing and adaptable to a wide range of soil and site conditions. I choose it for its delicate appearance, uniform branching and coloring: rich, green foliage throughout the summer with a burst of orange, red and burgundy foliage in the fall. There are many advantages to this tree, including little need for pruning and minimal problems with diseases or pests. Because it transplants well, and is tolerant of wet soil conditions, alkaline soils and salt spray, it is considered

Beautiful Bush with Flowers

My Favorite Shrub

Oakleaf Hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia)

One of my favorite plants to use in residential landscape design/build projects is the Oakleaf Hydrangea. This plant can make quite the impact and statement in the landscape. The large showy white conical flowers can also be used in dried arrangements after they have bloomed. The large oak shape leaf of the plant, thus the name, turns a brilliant orange color in the fall, giving two seasons worth of interest. It is best to plant the Oakleaf in sun to partial shade areas. Give it some room to grow and it will be a stellar performer.

White Flower Groundcover

My Favorite Groundcover

Mountain Mint (Pycnanthemum muticum)

Tough-as-nails Mountain Mint gladly takes on many roles in the garden. I use it for the many seasons of interest that it brings, its ability to stabilize soils quickly, and its contribution to habitat. An eastern U.S. native, the plant is a stiff-stemmed perennial whose smooth broad leaves give off a strong mint fragrance. Its small pinkishwhite buttonlike flowers act like magnets for pollinating bees, butterflies and other insects. (But it does not attract deer!) What sets it apart from other mints are the leaf-like bracts around the flowers that turn a silvery white in midsummer like a dusting of snow or frost.