Tree Collecting

Collectible trees are a great way to breathe new life into your landscape.

Daniel Van Starrenberg From stamps to cars, there are collectors of everything. People seek out items that they enjoy and feel passionate about. For a growing number of homeowners, this is beautiful, sometimes uncommon specimen trees which can rejuvenate and breathe new life into a landscape.

While tree collecting can be of economic benefit, it’s the aesthetics that will most likely appeal to collectors – the joy of seeing a spectacular tree that adds flavor to a landscape and sets it apart from the neighbor’s. Collectible trees are a bold and visible way to express your inner artist using your landscape as a palette. There are a myriad of options to “paint” with as these trees can be round, pyramidal or columnar with forms that range from broad and vertical to weeping and twisted. They also incorporate various colors, leaves and textures that will provide you with plenty of options to create your masterpiece.

Planting an uncommon collectible tree can also be the perfect way to mark an important event in your life such as a wedding, birth or even the passing of a loved one.

As you begin your collection of trees, there are a few things to consider. First, you’ll need to decide if you’re looking for a seed or seedling that you can plant and watch grow, a small to mid-size tree that can be moved and planted with relative ease, or a mature “trophy tree.” There are a number of factors to be taken into consideration. For example, if you have your heart set on a mature tree, it’s important to keep in mind that they can be expensive and require special equipment to plant. However, for some this might be the only way to achieve the look they desire in their landscape. If you have a tree in mind, it’s also important to consider its intended placement in your landscape and how it will fare with the amount of sunlight and shade it will receive.

I encourage everyone to get out there and start exploring some of the amazing trees that are available to begin your collection. As always, SavATree is available if you need advice or guidance throughout the process.


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