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Spring/Summer 2013


Tips from the Top – Tree Collecting

Collectible trees are a great way to breathe new life into your landscape.

The Mulch Center: Turning Waste Into Value

At a time when we are all seeking new ways to recycle and be green, Jim Seckelmann, founder of The Mulch Center in Deerfield, IL, has found a way to do his part.

Public Outreach Seminar

Be sure to join The Chicago Botanic Garden and Autumn – SavATree for an informative series of seminars on the devastating Emerald Ash Borer.

Shield Your Landscape from Tick-Borne Disease with Organics

Warm weather means increased risk of contracting a tick-borne disease but you can protect your family, and your landscape, with organic solutions.

Invasive Plant Species

There is an invasion happening in our country, but it’s not the kind that you see in hollywood blockbusters.

Charles Birnbaum: Changing the Way We Think About Landscape Architecture

As the founder and President of The Cultural Landscape Foundation, Charles Birnbaum has become the voice of beautiful, historic and sometimes overlooked cultural landscapes.

My Favorite…

Three prominent landscape architects discuss their favorite trees, shrubs and groundcovers.

The Secret of Soft Grass

Nothing says “summer” like the feel of bare feet on the grass. Our experts offer some tips on keeping your lawn soft and green this season.


More people than ever before are living in our cities. What does that mean for the trees?

Company News

SavATree welcomes Glenwood Tree Experts to the family and builds bicycles for the Boys & Girls Club of Passaic, NJ.

Tree Hugger Corner

Fun facts about the Dragon’s Blood Tree

Top Stories…

Daniel Van Starrenberg
Tips From the Top

Jim Seckelmann
The Mulch Center

Deer Tick Closeup
Protect Your Landscape from Tick-Borne Disease

Bare Feet in Grass
The Secret of Soft Grass