Nature Tech

If you’re a nature or tree lover with a smartphone or tablet device, there is a world of apps out there waiting to be discovered. Here are a few of our favorites:

National Parks, by National Geographic

Use this app to explore all 58 us national parks including 1,500+ beautiful images by photographer QT Luong. With one tap you can easily activate a slideshow mode that scrolls through every image or pop up a window with interesting information about the featured park. You can also use the built in social media connectivity to share your favorite images with friends on Facebook and Twitter. The first park guide is free, but additional guides will cost $1.99.

National Parks

Carbon Footprint, by Don Frehulfer

A personal carbon footprint calculator, Carbon Footprint gives you an easy way to monitor your total carbon emissions for multiple cars. After entering some basic data about your vehicle and your fill up, the app will generate useful statistics including miles per gallon, dollars per day, projected carbon dioxide emissions for the year and more.

Carbon Footprint

MyNature Animal Tracks

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of animal is making those tracks you encounter while exploring in the wilderness, animal tracks could be the answer. MyNature Animal Tracks provides illustrations of both fore and hind feet and a complete description of track measurements, gait patterns and animal life cycles. It also features audio samples of the animal noises and range maps showing where in north america the featured animals can be found. It even features a built in journal for notes and tips on tracking the animals that you identify.

MyNature Animal Tracks

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