Summer Tree and Lawn Care Tips





Plant Health Care

From spider mites to Boxwood Blight, this summer has seen unusually high numbers of insects coupled with the appearance of the usual, and some more uncommon, diseases. A customized plant health care program is the best way to ensure that your valued plants stay healthy and beautiful for the rest of the season. Learn more

Heat Stress Relief for Trees

With the dog days of summer upon us, trees are struggling to cope with relentless heat and drought conditions. Scorched leaves that fall prematurely are common symptoms of this type of heat stress. If you are noticing these symptoms, consider an ArborKelp® treatment. This 100% natural biostimulant works by increasing cell wall permeability, helping to promote root growth and heighten stress tolerance. Learn more

Lawn Care

Due to excessive heat and dry conditions, lawns have already endured considerable stress this year. As a result, many lawns are going dormant and have assumed the telltale light brown appearance. Mowing, watering, and preventing disease are essential ingredients of a healthy lawn. Further, SavaLawn uses custom seed blends that match your landscape’s unique needs. To achieve the lush lawn you’ve always desired, contact the certified lawn care professionals at SavaLawn – the lawn care division of SavATree. Click for summer lawn care tips

Organic Tick Treatments

Tick populations are expected to surge this year also. Act now to protect your loved ones from tick bites and the spread of Lyme disease. SavATree’s organic tick treatments – composed of benign natural ingredients – kill ticks on contact and provide residual control that lasts from 30 to 60 days. Learn more

Don’t let ticks get in the way of your outdoor plans! Click to schedule a complimentary consultation with your SavATree arborist or give us a call at (800) 341-8733.

Deer Deterrent

Deer browsing activity is at its peak leaving your annuals, perennials and shrubs at risk. Because a mild winter and early spring resulted in higher-than-normal deer populations, it is important to act now to protect your landscape.

DeerTech’s patented Three Circles of Protection discourages deer from feeding on your landscape by creating an environment that deer perceive as unsafe. Our program combines ultrasonic technology, targeted treatments, and “switching things up” for results that are far more effective than traditional methods. Learn more

Emerald Ash Borer

The Emerald Ash Borer has continued to expand it’s reach and was most recently identified in CT. A total of 15 states have now confirmed the presence of this wood-boring beetle that is already responsible for devastating entire populations of Ash trees. Learn more





In late June, a line of storms tore through the Midwest and Mid-atlantic states. Our crews were there to assist customers, old and new. Click to view a press release on our efforts to assist clients after the storm.

Was your region affected by summer storms? Click here to contact us about emergency tree removal.