The 21st Annual SavATree Seminar

Join us at the 2019 SavATree Seminar for a lively morning of learning… and laughs!
Tree and Shrub Breeder and Manager of New Plant Development, Morton Arboretum
  • Tree Selections for Developed Landscapes
What is a developed landscape? What are some of the challenges presented to trees in our human landscapes? The answers to these questions are the driving force behind the Haerther Charitable Trust New Plant Development Program at Morton Arboretum whose overall objective is to develop trees and shrubs adapted to urban and suburban landscapes. The challenges are diverse, encompassing biotic and abiotic stresses and space needs. In this presentation, Kim Shearer will define the developed landscape, identify tree challenges, and provide some tree selections well-suited to these sites.
Professor, Department of Agriculture and Horticulture Sciences, Joliet Junior College
  • Urban Ecosystems and Biological Control: How can we make better use of natural enemies in a plant health care program.
This talk will provide a review and update on the principles, forms, and implementation of biological control and biological control agents available for use in the urban landscape. We will examine the types of biocontrol agents, their strengths and weaknesses, application in urban ecosystems, habitat needs, and compatibility with plant health care (PHC) tactics. An update on major pest and disease problems from 2018 and going forward will round out the presentation.
Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Novel Urban Ecosystems: New nature(s) in the Anthropocene
The world is now predominantly urban and will become increasingly so until mid-century when global population is expected to stabilize at around 70% urban. Simultaneously, we have entered a new era - the Anthropocene, in which human impacts and artifacts are recognized as a geologic force on a global scale. As a result, the battle for sustainability will be won or lost in cities and novel urban ecosystems will play a fundamental role. This presentation puts forth a novel urban ecosystem strategy to guide urban landscape design and provide essential ecosystem services. These new ideas challenge conventional practices of urban landscape design and aesthetics – and set the stage for novel urban ecosystems to evolve and adapt in the age of the Anthropocene.
SavATree is proud to be the Principal Tree Health Care Sponsor for the Chicago Botanic Garden.
Continuing Education Credits Available
SAVATREE Seminar is approved for PLANET Landscape Industry Certified recertification at 1 CEU per hour of instruction attended. For more information on PLANET recertification, please visit PLANET’s Recertification Center at

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The 21st Annual SavATree Seminar

Tuesday, February 12th, 2019
8am - 12:30pm
Chicago Botanic Garden

Admission is free, but reservations are required.
3 CEUs are available for ISA Certified Arborists, Professional Landscapers and Landscape Architects.

Please note: This seminar is a private event, offered by invitation only to SavATree’s current or potential alliances and business partners.

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