Plant Health Care Services

You can be confident in the integrity of every SavATree plant health care program. As experienced stewards of the environment, our arborists and plant health care specialists used their environmentally sensible philosophy to design these treatments. Each service is meticulously calibrated to cultivate ideal growing conditions for your trees and shrubs with the least intrusive remedies possible.

Core Program Detail

Arbor Patrol
Our exclusive plant health care program is based on monitoring and treating your trees, shrubs and groundcover at timely intervals throughout the growing season. This program provides both basic protection & selected specialty treatments.

R1 – Horticultural Oil Treatment
A blend of horticultural oil and, later in the season, an additional ingredient. This treatment helps prevent emergence of Adelgid, Mealy Bug, Mites, Scales and Tent Caterpillars.

R2 – Spring Foliar Treatment
This treatment is used to help control early hatching of leaf chewing insects such as Cankerworms, Caterpillars, Loopers and Sawflies.

R3 – Late Spring Foliar Treatment
This treatment complements the R2 Spring Foliar Treatment and is recommended when heavy populations of leaf-eating insects such as caterpillars are present.

R4 – Summer Foliar Treatment
A blend of horticultural oil and an additional ingredient which protects evergreens, shrubs, deciduous and fruit trees from warm weather insects including Adelgids, Beetles, Mites, Webworms and Scales in the crawling stage.

R5 – Late Summer Foliar Treatment
This treatment complements the R4 Summer Foliar Treatment and is recommended when insects and mites proliferate during warm weather. It includes treatment for Mites, Scales, Lace Bugs and Whiteflies.

R6 – Fall Foliar Treatment
This follows the R5 and is recommended to treat insects that remain active during the late season, such as Adelgids, Mites, Lace Bugs and Whiteflies (previously known as Fall Horticultural Oil Treatment).

Organic Plant Health Care Treatments R1-R6
A series of treatments that provide basic protection for your landscape using Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) listed organic materials.

Specialty Treatment Detail

Sycamore Anthracnose
State of the art injection procedure that is used as a preventative treatment for Sycamore trees susceptible to the fungus that causes anthracnose.

ArborGuard, our exclusive antidesiccant, protects evergreens from sun and wind overexposure by sealing in moisture.

These insects feed by sucking nutrients from the leaf which weakens the tree. A foliar treatment is applied when the insects are most vulnerable.

This tree growth regulator restores the delicate balance of growth within your trees. By slowing the growth of shoots and promoting the growth of roots, tree size can be controlled while good health is restored.

An insect named for the protective bag of silk, leaves & twigs it makes in its larval stage. This treatment is designed to minimize damage to landscape plantings caused by Bagworms.

Bark Disease Treatment
This treatment is designed to control bleeding canker disease of European beech using the same technology that is used against Sudden Oak Death in California.

Black Vine Weevil
A persistent insect which, in its larval stage, feeds on the roots of various ornamental shrubs such as Azalea, Creeping Euonymus, Rhododendrons and Taxus. As an adult it feeds on leaves, causing telltale notching. Control requires a series of treatments incorporating biological parasitic nematodes (microscopic worms).

Borer Treatment
This preventative treatment involves a series of applications to the trunk and major branches of the host plant to reduce mortality caused by Borers.

Caterpillar Alert
A proven formulation which controls heavy populations of Gypsy Moth, cankerworm, winter moth and other caterpillars.

Disease Treatments
A series of treatments (Deciduous, Evergreen and/ or Integrated), beginning at bud break, which help prevent damaging foliar diseases.

Disease Treatment Anti-Bacterial
A series of treatments that help prevent damaging fire blight and bacterial blight infections on hosts such as apple, crabapple, pear, serviceberry,
hawthorn, and lilac.

Dutch Elm Disease
State of the art injection procedure that is used as a preventative treatment for Elm trees susceptible to the fungi that causes Dutch Elm Disease.

Dutch Trig Treatment
The treatment utilizes a trunk injection of a biological agent to protect elm trees susceptible to Dutch Elm Disease.

Emerald Ash Borer Soil Injection
This treatment provides season-long protection from the devastating Emerald Ash Borer. It is applied to the root zone of susceptible ash trees.

Emerald Ash Borer Trunk Injection
This treatment provides excellent control of the devastating Emerald Ash Borer for two growing seasons. It is performed as a trunk injection.

Fruit Tree Program
A series of treatments that continue throughout the growing season. Designed to yield edible fruit.

Hemlock Bark Treatment
This treatment is applied to the bark surface at the base of the trunk where it is absorbed by the tree and provides excellent control of woolly adelgid and hemlock scale insects.

Hemlock Scale
A series of treatments timed to control the crawling stages of this insect. This, combined with a horticultural oil treatment in early spring, provides the best level of protection.

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid
Horticultural oil treatments are carefully timed to target the Adelgid during its most vulnerable stages, and designed to preserve valuable Hemlock plantings. Multiple treatments are required in order to achieve the best results.

Japanese Beetle
A special treatment that helps protect Roses, fruit trees, Wisteria and other deciduous trees and shrubs. Damage appears in the form of
skeletonized leaves.

Lace Bug
A treatment designed to target Lace bugs which can damage Andromeda, Azalea, Rhododendron and many other trees and shrubs.

Treatment(s) carefully timed to prevent the unsightly damage caused by leafmining insects on plants including Birch, Boxwood, Holly and Arborvitae.

Oak Wilt Treatment
Oak Wilt is a fungal disease that infects and kills all varieties of oak trees. This treatment is injected into the trunk or root flares and provides protection for your high value oaks.

Posion Ivy
A series of treatments applied directly to Poison Ivy to deter this noxious woody vine in manicured areas.

Tree Injection
A treatment utilizing the Mauget injection system which places the material directly into the vascular system of the tree. This technique is used when a tree or group of trees is physically inaccessible to standard equipment.

Root Disease Treatment
This treatment is applied as a soil drench to control certain soil inhabiting fungi that attack plants through their roots.

Scale Treatment
Different scale insects are treated at the optimum time to protect valuable landscape trees and shrubs.

Spider Mite
These treatments are designed to reduce spider mites which use their piercing/ sucking mouth parts to extract sap from foliage.

Spruce Gall Adelgid
Treatment(s) timed for the narrow window when the adult stage of the Adelgid is exposed prior to Gall formation. Prevents potentially harmful and unsightly Gall formation on specimen evergreens.

Systemic Scale Treatment
This treatment is applied as a soil drench. It is then absorbed by plant roots providing excellent control of damaging, plant-feeding scale insects.

Systemic Soil Treatment
This treatment is very effective in controlling a variety of insects, including Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, Aphid, Whitefly, Lace Bug and certain Leaf Miners. It is applied to the root zone to gain season-long control.

Tent Caterpillar Treatment
This treatment is performed at the appropriate time to reduce populations of this very damaging insect.

Turpentine Beetle
A series of treatments beginning in early spring to protect susceptible pines from these destructive wood boring insects. Multiple treatments are required to protect your trees throughout the growing season.

Zimmerman Pine Moth Treatment
This treatment involves a series of applications on the trunk and along the branches of host pines to reduce mortality caused by Zimmerman Pine Moths..

Nutrient Treatment Detail

ArborHealth Fertilization
ArborHealth is our specially formulated, slow-release organic blend fertilizer which includes essential micro and macro nutrients. ArborKelp, our exclusive sea kelp biostimulant is included to enhance root development.

This unique biostimulant consists of sea kelp that is introduced into the soil through hydraulic action. Highly recommended for stressed trees which are weakened as a result of construction, insect damage or transplant shock.

Iron Macro Infusion Treatment
This root-injected treatment provides three years of “green-up” for trees suffering from iron or manganese chlorosis (yellowing of the leaves).

Added to ArborHealth, these fungi colonize the roots leading to increased root surface area, which results in improved health and vigor.

Organic Soil Enhancer
Carbon rich organic matter designed to rebuild the organic profile of soil. This application is particularly beneficial to landscapes that have been altered through construction or grade change.

Supplemental Micronutrient Treatment
This treatment is applied to the foliage to provide quick “green-up” for plants suffering from iron or manganese chlorosis (yellowing of the leaves).

Plus Treatments (ArborHealth, ArborKelp, or Organic Soil Enhancer)
Our standard ArborHealth fertilizer, ArborKelp biostimulant or Organic Soil Enhancer PLUS additional additives prescribed by your arborist specifically for the needs of your landscape.

Tick and Mosquito Treatment Detail

Tick Habitat Treatments
Biodegradable tubes are unobtrusively and expertly placed in mouse habitat areas of the landscape. Regular applications help reduce Deer Tick populations, thereby minimizing risk of contracting Lyme Disease.

Mosquito/Surface Insect
This treatment is utilized when Mosquito populations exceed threshold tolerances.

Organic Tick/Mosquito
Carefully timed organic treatments concentrating on the ecotone and misting of lawn with the objective of reducing Deer Tick and Mosquito populations.

Tick Granular
Carefully timed treatments utilizing a granular product may be applied to the lawn and/or ecotone areas of your property with the objective of reducing Deer Tick populations.

Deer Repellent Detail

Deer Repellent (Fall, Winter, Spring, Late Spring, Summer, Late Summer)
A taste & odor deterrent with active ingredients made from biodegradable food products which discourage deer from eating vulnerable plants and shrubs. Treatment lasts approximately 60 days.

DeerTech Winter Protection
This treatment is designed to protect vulnerable plants from deer damage through the entire winter. The treatment leaves a green-blue film and is applied to a height of approximately 6 feet.

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