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Explore all that the SavATree Kids Stuff page has to offer, including free puzzles, games and activities for you, your parents, teachers and friends. There’s fun for everyone, and a lot of neat and interesting things for you to learn along the way. What are you waiting for?

Current Features

ARTIST’S CORNER – Kids thank SavATree through art. Submit your artwork to us at [email protected].

ACTIVITIES AND LEARNING FOR FUN – Printable coloring pages, including Trevor the SavATree truck, some educational activities to do yourself, and others with the help of a parent or teacher…more

ONLINE GAMES AND PUZZLES – Solve a variety of crosswords, word searches, jumbles and other tree-related puzzles.  There are plenty of games for tree lovers of all ages!…more

FUN FACTS – Learn about different kinds of trees, their six parts, what they need to grow strong, what they do for the environment, and which animals like hanging out with them the most…more

COOL LINKS – Learn even more about trees and the environment by visiting web sites on holidays like Arbor Day, weather, eco-friendly education and gardening tips…more