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Do you like trees? How about coloring? Doing stuff outside? Well, have we got some fun things for you to do! You may even learn a thing or two about trees that you didn’t already know. So, check out all of our fun and exciting tree activities. We hope you enjoy them.



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SavATree would like to invite you to the Climb-A-Tree, Cross-Cut Sawing, zipline and other exciting kids events we provide at different times throughout the year. Just remember, you will need your parent’s permission to participate. Current events will be announced soon.







  • BUG HUNT – Shine a light under bark, examine branch tips and check holes in trees for hibernating lady bugs, spiders, butterflies or cocoons. Take notes about the color, size and shape of what you see.
  • LISTEN TO NATURE – Sit outside, close your eyes (No Peeking!) and count on your fingers how many different sounds you can hear. Try to guess what is making each sound. When you have finished, open your eyes and try to find out if you were right.
  • A NEW PERSPECTIVE – Find a good-size tree and lie down on your back with your head next to the trunk. Look up along the bark right into the canopy of the tree. What patterns and shapes do you see? Are there any animals? What else do you notice?
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