Improved and Expanded Organic Lawn Care Programs

Beginning in 2018, SavATree’s lawn care division will offer expanded and enhanced Organic Lawn Programs. The products used in our new programs are comprised of ingredients that meet
EPA criteria for “minimal risk” – ingredients such as soy beans, clove oils, and peppermint – that pose little to no risk to human health or the environment (these are known in the industry as “25b” materials.)

Informed by internal research and discussions with universities, SavATree has continued to test all the products available on the market over the years. We have been satisfied with those that offer solid and dependable pest-control options. But when it came to organic weed- and disease-control – two important factors in maintaining a healthy lawn – we simply had not seen the desired results. Until now.

The completely organic “25b” materials used in our new program are deemed safe for use on school grounds, municipal properties, and residences. These products will allow us to provide effective organic programs for pre- and post-emergent weed suppression, disease suppression, and surface insect control, as well as fertilization. For customers who are committed to an organic lifestyle and can tolerate some level of imperfection, these are the most effective lawn care programs to date.

In keeping with our commitments to the environment, sustainability and developing innovative solutions, SavATree is delighted to offer customers these new, green lawn care programs. Better products mean better results. Please contact your local arborist to learn more about SavATree’s expanded Organic Lawn Programs.