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How To Grow Roses

Though there are approximately 5,000 different cultivars of roses, all of them can be grouped into two main classes when you are looking to grow roses: bush and climbing. Carefully consider the characteristics of both the class and variety so that you will achieve the look and/or function that inspired you tp grow roses in the first place.

Climbers Are A Clever Way To Cover
If you wish to beautifully cover a wall or fence, or start a trellis, you can grow roses. Climbing roses are optimal since they will grow anywhere from eight to ten feet high. A large flowered climber such as the Rosa “Don Juan” is a good choice as its large (four to five inch wide) double, dark red, fragrant flowers cover a large area and bloom from mid season through the fall. Keep in mind that these large flowered climbers need light annual pruning of unruly canes to keep them in bounds. Although their flowers are smaller (approximately two inches across), Rambler roses grow so quickly that some may develop twenty-foot canes in a single growing season!

Bush Roses Create Beautiful Borders & Boundaries
Small, bushy varieties such as the Floridbunda or Polyantha, can create a lovely hedge because most varieties will spread up to two feet wide. You may also try planting Rosa “The Fairy” or Rosa “Iceberg”; they grow two and four feet high respectively, are disease resistant and rebloom throughout the season.

Other Variations of Roses
Miniature roses are frequently used in rock gardens or as borders and edgings around other shrubs, along walkways or patios. Since they typically only grow to be 6-18 inches tall, they are excellent choices for containers and for indoor light gardens. Best of all, to grow roses of this variety, you only need a six-inch square area of soil.

Hybrid Teas and Grandifloras are most popularly used for cutting arrangements because they bloom all season, are disease resistant and feature elegant, long stemmed blossoms. They are also the most common species of roses given as an expression of care and love.

Shrub roses are optimal for those who want to grow roses and enjoy them without providing much tender loving care. They are known for their vigor and adaptability, and exhibit a vibrant, healthy foliage. Rosa “Carefree Beauty” is an appropriately named example, which grows to a height of four feet and features fragrant, medium pink flowers. Rosa “Harrison’s Yellow” is another good choice, featuring small delicate deep yellow blossoms and is known as an old favorite of the rose species.

New varieties of roses are introduced by plant breeders each year with improved cutting qualities, color, fragrance and other characteristics desired by gardeners who grow roses.

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