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The Green Crusade

We all know how important it is to sustain our environment and natural resources. Healthy landscapes afford us so many benefits for our social, physical and emotional well-being. So how do you balance your landscape needs with the results you desire, while still being “green?” Start with a company that provides natural and responsible program choices administered by an arboricultural team that is both professional and passionate.

We are proud to say SavATree has been at the forefront of environmental awareness for over 20 years. We regularly evaluate new products for their efficacy and environmental sustainability, continually adding greener options. Our programs include the latest in naturally derived and biorational ingredients. You can be confident in the integrity of every SavATree service.

Shades of “Green”

Landscapes are unique and require custom solutions. Just as people need a balanced diet, exercise, checkups and medication when sick, landscapes require the proper nutrients, cultural practices and prescriptive remedies.

SavATree and SavaLawn are pleased to offer three “green” program choices:

Traditional, Organic and Hybrid, with the unique flexibility to migrate treatments back and forth based on changing landscape conditions.


Our traditional integrated program combines natural, synthetic and biological materials together to promote a productive growing environment. We always adhere to sound environmental practices, using the least intrusive treatment possible to combat adverse landscape conditions.


Our organic program uses exclusive ingredients reviewed under the same standards as the production of organic foods. Our logic is if it’s good for food—it’s good on the landscape. Usually a property that is in reasonably good health, with fairly good soil condition and free from infestations of insects, mites, diseases or weeds will receive the most benefit from a completely organic program. Organic customers are typically a little more tolerant of imperfections and patient while solutions are being implemented, understanding that certain natural products may take longer to produce results. Talk to your arborist if you are interested in converting or phasing in an organic program.


When facing challenges on your property like pests, rampant weeds or a condition that threatens the very life of your favorite tree, often intervention is required. With SavATree’s hybrid approach, you can adjust materials to address the specific problem with a “rescue treatment.” Our hybrid solution allows for a highly targeted treatment, based on current circumstances, while still respecting nature’s existing harmony.

Business Practices

As a dedicated steward of the environment and a leader in the industry, SavATree has made a major commitment to be “green” not only in the landscape, but throughout our business operations. Our green initiatives include using renewable energy, conserving water, using more recycled/responsible products and providing additional electronic options for customer correspondence. We always consider how our business impacts the environment and take steps to improve our practices, whether it’s establishing a simple, but important policy such as no truck idling, to taking on major capital projects such as installing intricate mix and fill systems in our new facilities to reuse and conserve water.

It takes dedication, resources and a dynamic team to build a company with high standards and a strong commitment to the environment. As part of our ongoing “green crusade,” I am proud to announce that SavATree has been named a partner in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Environmental Performance Track Program and Audubon International Partners for the Environment for our responsible use of resources and land and habitat improvement efforts.

Click or call today to arrange a complimentary consultation from our fully trained and certified arborists for tree service, cabling and bracing and tree pruning from SavATree. Contact the office nearest you.


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