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Beautiful Flowers and Delicious Flowers

When it’s summertime and the living is easy…why not use this time to experiment with some of the beautiful flowers in your garden to create attractive, tasty meals and treats. Many of the beautiful flowers we grow in perennial herb, flower and cutting gardens may be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Rose petals and gardenia blossoms add an elegant touch to even the most ordinary cake or serving plate.

If you like flowers which are both decorative and flavorful, mix some Society Garlic into your salad. Its soft, pastel lavender flower adds a beautiful look and a garlic flavor to your favorite salad. Or how about our sweet tasting, warm-weather friend – the Daylily? You can spot these brightly orange-colored flowers in fields and wooded areas. Although each blossom only lasts 24-hours, this plant produces a succession of blossoms from about May to midsummer, so there is always an abundant supply to harvest. Daylily flowers are crunchy and fresh tasting – similar to eating lettuce. And, they taste sweetest just after they have bloomed! Another lovely, luscious and delicious flower is the tulip. Interestingly, during World War II, much of the Dutch population survived by eating boiled tulip bulbs. Today, the brilliant colors of Tulip blossoms provide a spectacular, edible cup which may be filled with seasonal fruit, fresh vegetables or cool sorbet – with colors to complement each bloom! Pink, peach or white blooms have a sweet, delicate taste.

The Viola is a hearty flower which has a slight, yet distinctly sweet taste. In days gone by, these sweet, perky flowers were believed to contain aphrodisiacal properties and were used as a main ingredient in “love potions.” So, the next time you are feeling a little amorous, try…

Viola Ice Cubes

1. Fill an ice cube tray halfway with water and freeze.

2. Place a Viola on each ice cube, add more water and freeze.

3. Drop the cubes into your beverage…and let the love flow!

For maximum flavor and beauty, harvest flowers in the morning – just after the dew has dried or just before sundown. Also, be sure to only use flowers which are fresh, unblemished and free of insects. Wash flower heads carefully, as the delicate petals bruise easily.

Always Remember: Not all beautiful flowers are edible and a few are even poisonous! If you are uncertain, it’s best to look and not eat.

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