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Curb Appeal Is Vital When Selling A Home

In real estate, curb appeal can be the difference between a house that sells quickly at top dollar, and one that languishes for months. Curb appeal is the first impression of the outside of the house and surrounding landscape. With more people doing “drive-bys” and looking at listings on the web, it has become vital to have an attractive exterior.

If the buyer doesn’t like the outside, they will most likely not bother to come inside. In today’s competitive market, it is worth it to spend extra time working on a property’s appearance.

One of the most common questions that people ask us is, “Does it pay for a seller to invest in landscape improvements?” A study conducted by the National Arborist Association concluded that landscape features account for 20% of the total property value. Money magazine conducted research on the return on investment (ROI) of home improvements. The ROI of a kitchen is 75-125%, the bathroom is 20-120%, the pool is 20-50% and the landscape is 100-200%. The ROI for landscaping is huge, suggesting that you may potentially double your investment.

INCREASING CURB APPEAL: Optimizing the homes you are selling with the five simply strategies below will give your properties a competitive edge by providing good first impressions, increased property values and faster turnover.

A lush, thick, healthy lawn helps make a great first impression with prospective buyers. Make sure to core aerate, slice seed, fertilize and look out for lawn diseases.

Restorative or maintenance pruning of shrubs and ornamentals around the house revives the appearance of the home by creating balance between plants and buildings. Pruning keeps the house from looking swallowed up by foundation plantings.

Selective pruning will restore the healthy look of the canopy and establish an airy feel. It will also allow more light to filter in through trees and improve air circulation. Woodlot management cleans up wooded areas, and makes properties look larger.

Removing hazardous limbs, dead shrubs, fallen branches and remaining tree stumps produces a clean, well cared for look to the property.

Weeding, edging, mulching and replanting flower beds create a fresh new look for your clients’ landscapes. Different mulches and overflowing planters add a variety of colors, scents and textures that will appeal to all of a prospective buyer’s senses.

SavATree’s certified arborists can help you make the most of a property’s curb appeal by recommending visually enhancing services to help you obtain top dollar and make your property move!

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