Recharge Supplemental  Tree Watering

Thanks to Colorado’s dry climate, trees don’t grow on their own unless there’s a natural water source, such as a stream or river, nearby. Almost all the trees we have in our urban and suburban spaces have been brought in for planting at some point: they aren’t native to Colorado. And that means that they are likely to struggle during the driest times of the year.

A well thought out supplemental watering plan helps condition a tree’s root system, reducing its reliance on large amounts of water in the heart of the growing season while keeping it healthy through dry winters.

What is Recharge?

Recharge is our supplemental deep root watering service. It combines natural Yuccah extracts with water. The Yuccah extracts act as a surfactant reducing the surface tension of water and allowing it to percolate easier through our hard-packed clay soil.

Deep watering encourages the growth of deeper, more drought-resistant roots.

How often do my trees need watering?

Watering is vital for a lot of our trees and shrubs due to Colorado’s persistent dry conditions. We generally recommend checking moisture levels once a month throughout the year.

As part of this service, we monitor the soil and schedule treatments only when necessary. We’ll only visit your property when required for the health of your tree.

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