The Value Trees Have

Trees have value. A client may need to have a tree or trees appraised for a variety of reasons. There are consequently a variety of approaches to tree appraisal, depending on whether the appraisal relates to replacement of lost or damaged plant material, loss of income, change in market value of real property, compensation of…

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Gypsy Moth Tree Damage In New Jersey

The New Jersey Department of Agriculture’s annual aerial survey of New Jersey conducted between June 17 and June 29 showed a major increase in tree damage from gypsy moth caterpillars this year.  An estimated 290,696 acres of trees in 175 municipalities in 20 counties were defoliated as compared to 1,330 acres in 24 towns in…

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Golf Industry Steps Up

The New York State Golf Course Superintendent’s Association has worked with Cornell to develop Best Management Practices for water quality protection. Recent weather and rain patterns, along with growing awareness of ecosystems make these best practices particularly well timed.

(Urban) wood is good

This week I got to observe a great urban sawmilling operation outside of Washington, DC. You may not think of the Nation’s Capitol as a hotbed for the forest products industry (you would be correct). But some innovators are finding ways to turn wastes into resources. The Baltimore Wood Project is an initiative of US…