Recommendations for Sites with Sudden Oak Death

If Sudden Oak Death is present in a portion of the property remember to: Schedule all landscaping and construction operations to occur first in the SOD-free area. Ensure that equipment is cleaned after work in the SOD infested area. Minimize all activities and operations in the Spring. Fall is the best work to avoid spreading…


Proper Training Ensures the Safety of Our Staff

In the tree care industry, there’s only one way to ensure that General Tree Care (GTC) workers return home to their families and friends after a busy day on the job – proper training. Conducted repeatedly and comprehensively, training helps to provide the necessary knowledge for accident prevention while lowering the risk of severe injury.…

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Squirrels Damaging Your Trees This Year?

While many homeowners consider squirrels adorable woodland creatures who are entertaining to watch and cause little damage to trees, think again. Believe it or not, squirrels eat tree bark and that can be damaging to the trees on your property. Squirrels are notorious for their voracious habit of chewing on things, and tree bark is…