A Micro-burst with Major Consequences

Has there ever been a micro-burst in your area? These sudden, powerful air currents (usually downdrafts) can pack quite a punch! A recent micro-burst in Falls Church, Virginia took down three trees just on this one property. The client was so satisfied with our quick response and professional service that he also asked us to…


Preventing Deer Damage to Your Plants

As we plan for Labor Day weekend, and do our back-to-school shopping, our thoughts are naturally turning to the approaching cool weather months. And for those of us involved in landscape health, our thoughts are turning to… deer. As temperatures drop, and accessible food sources in forested areas become scarce, those graceful animals will increasingly…


Oh Deer!

It used to be that deer didn’t have much interest in spirea…. it seems as though the trend is now changing! You may want to speak with your arborist about Savatree’s deer solutions!

Landscape Calendar

Northeast / Mid-Atlantic / Midwest September • Slice seed, aerate and overseed bare spots in the lawn • Plant new evergreen trees and shrubs • Fertilize the lawn • Treat trees and shrubs for late season insect and mite pests • Arrange a storm damage prevention audit • Continue to water trees and shrubs suffering from summer…


Update: Day Five of 2017 Tour des Trees

Yesterday, Tour des Trees riders navigated the extensive network of trails that make the metro region of Washington D.C. so bikeable. Today they’re cycling 80 miles south to Gainesville, Virginia by way of the Mount Vernon trail and a mix of urban, residential and rural roads. They’ll enjoy dinner and an overnight in Gainesville. Tomorrow…


The Wisdom of Fall Lawn Seeding

We really discourage seeding lawns in the spring. Why? Spring seeding: bad. Spring seeding typically results in very poor germination of the desired grasses, yet leads to excellent germination of crabgrass and other weeds. That’s because spring rains keep the soils cool (especially this year with the heavy spring rainfall across many of our customer…