Salt Damage to White Pines

This photograph, taken on a Greenwich, CT property, is a perfect example of the consequences of repeated winter salt accumulation in the soils of landscape plantings. This row of White Pine (Pinus strobus) in our client’s back yard is planted directly against a busy parking lot. The pavement has a slight slope making the salty…


Bagworm in the Boston Area

In over 20 years, I had never encountered bagworm in the Boston area. This pest is more common to the Mid-Atlantic and coastal regions as far north as Cape Cod.  However, I found it in several locations this summer – including in a public parking lot in Watertown, as seen in these photos. These are…


Safety Comes First!

Our Safety Program includes more than 25 specific initiatives designed to keep our team and our clients’ properties safe, some of which you can see in this picture. It is great to see our team members wearing Hi-Viz Shirts, Class E Hard Hats, Eye Protection, Ear Protection and using our green Critical Drop Zone Cones.…


SavATree Supporting our Veterans

SavATree is a proud to be an official sponsor and partner of Saluting Branches: Arborists United for Veteran Remembrance, a national day of service charity dedicated to honoring our fallen veterans.  In 2017, SavATree’s volunteer tree and landscape services took place at Fort Snelling National Cemetery in South Minneapolis, Minnesota.      


Not your Normal Tree

This unique maple tree was spotted in Lake Zurich Illinois. The tree grows at a very fast rate and exhibits pressure cracks. Sap that flows from these cracks can be misconstrued as a major health issue, but is not a cause for concern.