Yarn Storming!

The trend towards eco-consciousness has found an unexpected foothold in the graffiti community where a creative group of knitters have found a green alternative to cans of spray paint.

Yarn TreeThere are many names for this new form of graffiti. It has been called yarn storming, yarn bombing, graffiti knitting and even guerilla knitting. The central focus in this movement is the use of yarn to knit colorful works of art on anything from statues and phone booths to potholes and even trees.

The yarn storming movement began in 2005 in Houston, Texas when a small boutique owner named Magda Sayeg started off with the small act of knitting a cover for her store doorknob. Before long she moved on to knitting scarves and hats for local statues around town. From there it exploded into the movement it is today. These unique works of art have now begun popping up everywhere from the United States to Europe, Canada and Australia

The goal of these yarn stormers is to turn bland public spaces and objects such as grey bike racks into beautiful, colorful works of art. These creations can last indefinitel, but also are considered non-permanent since all it takes is a pair of scissors to remove. Don’t be surprised if tomorrow while walking down the street you come across a tree that has been transformed into an eye-catching piece of art through the use of yarn, creativity and hard work

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