Your lawn has started preparing for dormant season. Have you?

Did you know that your lawn has already begun preparing itself for the winter months?

When the soil temperature begins to cool, it triggers a signal to your lawn to enter a state of dormancy. This process is a safety mechanism that acts as a natural barrier against harsh temperatures and inadequate moisture.

For cool season lawns, fall is the perfect time to repair and fortify them before winter which will help them to bounce back with a robust, early green-up in the spring.

Some of the best things you can do for your lawn right now are to apply soil amendments and Winterizer applications.

Cool season lawns can also benefit from core aeration and overseeding to introduce new cultivars and strengthen thin areas.

Applying the proper soil amendment starts with a soil analysis. The importance of a soil analysis is to reveal nutrient content, the percentage of organic matter present, pH levels, as well as other information about your soil’s health. Analysis of the soil will identify the soil amendments that will be most beneficial to your lawn, whether it’s sulfur (to reduce pH), lime (to raise pH) or organic soil enhancer that restores organic matter to the soil.

A Winterizer is a late season application of fertilizer that improves carbohydrate storage during the dormant months. It also supplies slow-release nutrients to the soil which promote an early spring green-up.

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