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Spring/Summer 2020 – CO


Tips From The Top

Like so many of the landscapes we care for, SavATree itself has done a great deal of growing over the last few years. Across the country, we’ve partnered with local teams and integrated with so many wonderful communities. One of our most personally rewarding initiatives, however, has been our commitment to sustainability.

Daniel Van Starrenburg

The Art of Tree Climbing

In the tree industry, a wide range of tools and heavy equipment helps us reach high into the canopies of the trees we care for. Sometimes, however, lifts and bucket trucks just aren’t going to do the job—the tree could be too close to a structure to allow access with a truck, or the ground could be too soft.

The dos and don’ts of caring for young trees and shrubs

Whether your goal is to beautify your property or to add a few more carbon-neutralizing plants to the world, introducing new trees or shrubs to your property is a simple way to make a big impact.

How healthy is your soil?

Soil plays a huge role in the health of your grass, supplying nutrients, water, air, and a place for shoots to sink their roots into.

My Favorites

Read about Shadblow Serviceberry, Seven-Son Flower, and Pachysandra.

Introducing our Annual Ornamental Pruning Program

Everyone can agree that professionally planned and installed landscapes are beautiful–the trick, however, is keeping them that way. Without regular care performed by people who understand the original goal, the aesthetics can decline rapidly.

Landscape Care Calendar

View monthly tips to provide proper care for your landscape.

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Company Update

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Healthier boxwoods with ArborBuxus

This rescue nutrient application fortifies boxwoods, helping them to recover from diseases like boxwood blight and increasing their resistance.