Healthier Boxwoods are Here!


Boxwoods are some of the most popular shrubs in the world— and for good reason. Thanks to their dense, attractive foliage and versatility in everything from home gardens to formal hedges, they’re a favorite of landscapers and arborists alike.

Unfortunately, since 2011, boxwoods have been vulnerable to a relatively new fungal disease commonly known as boxwood blight.

Infected plants show symptoms including dark leaf spots, brown blotches, and black cankers on the stems. Over time, repeated defoliation and dieback can kill the plant and leave them more susceptible to insects.

Introducing ArborBuxus

While this disease arrived fairly recently to the United States, it has been ravaging European boxwoods since the 90s. In the Netherlands, the world’s largest boxwood nursery has been working on a fertilizer that meets the nutritional requirements of boxwoods to help them recover and resist disease and insects.

Now, we’re excited to be one of the very first tree and shrub care companies to bring this treatment, ArborBuxus, to our stateside customers.

ArborBuxus comes in two forms:

ArborBuxus Restore

The ideal treatment for actively infected boxwoods. This rescue nutrient application fortifies boxwoods, helping them to recover from diseases like boxwood blight.

ArborBuxus Maintain

The easiest way to ensure that healthy boxwoods stay that way. This blend helps to keep boxwoods in optimum health increasing resistance to disease and insect attacks.

Do you see these symptoms on your boxwood?

dark leaf spots from boxwood blight spores of the boxwood blight fungus

Dark leaf spots (left) and spores of the boxwood blight fungus (Calonectria pseudonaviculata) on lower leaf surfaces (right).

zonate leaf lesions boxwood blight

Zonate leaf lesions


If you have questions, or want your boxwoods inspected, reach out.

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