Tips From The Top
by Daniel van Starrenburg, President

What our customers are saying

SavATree CEO

Every two years, our company undertakes a comprehensive customer survey. The feedback we receive is instructive: it sheds light on what our customers value most, why they choose SavATree and possible ways for us to get even better!

So what have we learned? First and foremost, nothing matters more than results.

“The improvement in my property has been extraordinary and all the neighbors noticed and have asked about our arborist and lawn service.”

Clients told us they trusted the knowledge and expertise of their arborist.

“Your arborists and crew have deep knowledge, are attentive to every detail and care as much about my property as I do!”

They also noted high levels of professionalism throughout the company.

“Outstanding company in every way – prompt, courteous, professional, dedicated and caring.”

Our customers emphasized the value of personalized service and customized programs, including organic options.

“Wonderful personal attention to my property… I am extremely pleased by your approach and sensitivity to the needs of the customer.”

In particular, access and responsiveness are crucial ways SavATree sets itself apart.

“The professionalism and responsiveness are what keeps me coming back. If I have a question or concern, it is dealt with immediately.”

These comments provide insight into why SavATree has achieved an impressive 68 Net Promoter Score (a respected measure of customer satisfaction and loyalty). Our goal is to rival other sector leaders such as Apple (at 76) and Nordstrom (at 75). The best way to do this is to make sure our clients’ most important priorities are addressed in our value proposition.

Since results are paramount, SavATree’s value proposition starts with setting the bar high when it comes to the education and qualifications of our arborists and field personal. Our service line directors ensure that all of our programs incorporate the very latest scientific developments as well as the very best ingredients, and they provide continuous training to our staff. In addition, we routinely invest in reliable, modern equipment and have put in place a rigorous safety culture.

Customers expect us to manage logistics such that we can confidently deliver “what you want, when you want it.” Our proprietary technology allows us to accomplish this and also provide customized programs that are responsive to individual needs, wants and budgets.

SavATree’s commitment to our customers is clearly seen in the case of natural disasters and emergencies, when we honor our pledge to serve existing customers first. Because we are multi-branch and multi-state, we bring in additional resources to support local crews when required.

We read every single survey and use customer comments to brainstorm ways to continuously improve. It is deeply satisfying to hear the wonderful things our customers say about us and how much they appreciate the service we provide.




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