Client Spotlight: Colorado College

Colorado CollegeTrees have featured prominently in the campus history of Colorado College.

Built on an exposed, treeless, semi-arid plain, the first tree planting initiative on campus was completed in 1876, with fifty cent donations from townsfolk. In 1904, General Palmer, founder of Colorado Springs, shipped the striking European Lindens from England that currently grace Palmer Hall. In the early 1900’s, students from the newly established Colorado School of Forestry planted trees on campus from the nearby experimental forest.

Today, more than 2,000 trees adorn the distinctive campus creating a park-like atmosphere in the central quad and special spaces for students that offer shade, privacy and breathtaking views of the mountains. Notable trees include: a Lace Bark Pine, a rare tree that was brought from China as a seedling by a Colorado College professor more than 60 years ago; Bristlecone Pines, among the oldest tree species on earth; and the European Lindens mentioned above that still stand, including a Colorado Champion – the largest known tree of the species in the state.

Colorado College Trees Caring for all of the campus trees can be challenging in a high and very dry region, which is why the College decided to partner with SavATree. “We have a long history and solid relationship with arborists Al and Becky Wegner,” explained Mike Spruce, Campus Arborist.

“SavATree is great to work with, their customer service is amazing and they work well with our timing and schedule. We are pleased with the quality of care they provide and we trust them to keep our students safe,” said Mike Spruce, Campus Arborist.

Landscape and Grounds Manager Josh Ortiz turns to SavATree “for routine pruning of our larger trees, removals when necessary, and also when we need specialized treatments for
pests or disease. When there is an emergency, we can count on them to manage hazardous trees or provide extra equipment and crews for clean-up. Plus, we can always tap them for expert
advice and guidance.”

Colorado College Community ServiceIn the past year, Colorado College was recognized as a Tree Campus USA for their dedication to the campus environment. The college met all required standards, including a Campus Tree Care Plan and Program, an Arbor Day observance and a service learning project.

SavATree arborist Becky Wegner served on the Tree Campus Advisory Committee and was impressed by the number of enthusiastic students who participated in the tree planting project for Arbor Day. Not only does Tree Campus USA facilitate thoughtful, long term planning for campus trees, its projects provide golden opportunities to engage the student population in educating the community on the benefits of campus trees. “It’s great to see students involved and show them how it’s possible to make a difference,” remarked Mike Spruce.