Tips From The Top
by Daniel van Starrenburg, President

The Rewards of a Green Career

Daniel Van Starrenberg of SavATree

Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world. – John Muir, American naturalist, preservationist, and “Father of the National Parks”

I love my job.

I have been fascinated by trees for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I built numerous tree houses in various parts of the world, wherever my dad was posted. At sixteen, that spark was ignited when a well-known local arborist took me under his wing. I was so impressed by the meticulous way he went about pruning, and his breadth of knowledge about plant life. I’m grateful to have been able to turn that early passion into a career as an arborist.

Among its many rewards, I’ve enjoyed spending part of my workday in the great outdoors. (It sure beats sitting at a desk!)

What’s more, I’m continually energized by the role my company and profession plays in environmental stewardship. As we help our residential, commercial, and government clients nurture and enjoy their landscapes, we’re also educating and supporting best practices for sustainability and resource conservation that will pay bene ts – for all of us – for years to come.

Are there young people in your life exploring the “what do I want to do?” question as they prepare for college, grad school, and beyond? Or perhaps you or family members are asking “what do I want to do next?” If so, I recommend taking a good look at the terrific jobs and career opportunities the “green” industry offers – arboriculture, horticulture, urban forestry, plant sciences, conservation science, landscape architecture and design, park management and conservation, among many others. For those who have an appreciation and respect for our green infrastructure, these professions offer a soul-satisfying and interesting way to design a living, with a wide range of opportunities in the commercial, non-profit and government sectors.

Here are a just a few sources for helpful information:

Tree Care Industry Association( – The “Careers in Arboriculture” page in the training section of the TCIA website provides descriptions of various jobs in the arboriculture eld and a complete list of post-secondary arboriculture and forestry programs.

International Society of Arboriculture( – In addition to an entire section on education and research, this website also houses “Trees are Good” which provides a comprehensive summary of the bene ts of tree and how to properly care for them in the urban environment.

So if your son or daughter, or someone you know is even a little curious about a “green” career, why not ask them to join you and your SavATree arborist the next time you’re meeting together?




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