SavATree - Tree Shrub and Lawn Care

Notice of Essential Services Status during COVID 19 – Commonwealth of Virginia


Insofar as SavATree is a provider of essential services to maintain public safety, protect against spread of invasive and injurious pests and the diseases they carry; and the full or partial removal of hazardous trees – we have been informed by the Commonwealth of Virginia that we are an essential services provider and can support our customers during this time of government mandated restrictions.

As per Governor Ralph Northam’s Executive Order put in place on March 23, 2020, SavATree qualifies as an essential business and the green industry has been specifically recognized in various locations as vital to public health.

SavATree is compliant with CDC requirements regarding social distancing and is working within recommended hygiene guidelines. Additionally, we perform our services outdoors, without physical contact with customers.  SavATree is a Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) certified company, and as such adheres to best practices for both safety and performance. (ANSI Z133) (ANSI A300)

For further clarification, feel free to reach out to:

Duane Richardson

[email protected]

Branch Manager

(571)237-4919 (cell)