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For Christmas tree farmers, climate change is the enemy

From horticulture to agriculture, today’s growers are faced with unique challenges such as a decrease in available labor and battling the uncertainties of climate change. For Christmas tree farmers across the country, that reality is no different as questions about sustained profitability loom overhead. While the horticulture and agriculture industries struggle with labor shortages, automated equipment provides a real-world…

Fall raking

Your fall property checklist

This is the time of year when homeowners pull into their driveways and begin making a mental to-do-list for preparing their property for the impending winter season. With everything else you have to worry about as the last three months of 2019 draw to a close, SavATree has compiled a Fall Property Checklist to help.…

fall trees

Preparing your trees for fall and winter

As we head into the fall months, trees will begin their transition into dormancy – their opportunity to essentially “rest” from the previous growing season. For some trees, the season was uneventful, while others battled drought, insects and diseases which caused an incredible degree of stress on their overall stamina leading into the dormant season.…

fall red trees

When is peak fall leaf color?

Much of the country has already begun to notice a gradual loss of daylight over the last few weeks. This serves as a cue to Mother Nature, and ultimately to us, that fall is most definitely just around the corner. On September 23 to be exact. Soon, residents across the country will experience the annual…

Tick Control

How ticks spread disease to humans

According to Rebecca Eisen, a Research Biologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Vector-Borne Diseases in Fort Collins, Colorado, there are more than 80 species of ticks across the United States. While 80 certainly sounds like a lot, there are only a dozen known tick species to actually bite humans and…