Winter Storm Wreaks Havoc on Trees Throughout East Coast…SavATree is on the Scene

Bedford Hills, NY. December 27, 2010. A fierce winter storm menaced the East Coast Monday. Blizzard-strength winds of up to 50 mph along with heavy snow knocked down trees in many neighborhoods. Thankfully, SavATree is here to help.

SavATree’s certified arborists and tree care experts have been busy aiding residents from Virginia to Massachusetts recover by removing down trees, limbs and branches.

During a storm of this magnitude, the greatest threat to people, homes and automobiles are unsafe trees. Weak and unhealthy branches can’t support the weight of heavy, wet snow and they give out. Wind poses an added threat. Strong gusts weaken already stressed branches and roots causing them to topple.

What to do if tree damage does occur.
“The knee-jerk reaction of many is to say, ‘I don’t want to risk future damage, just cut down all of my trees’ but that’s not the right solution,” said Daniel van Starrenburg, President of SavATree. “Through sound arboricultural practices, risk can be reduced and we can live in harmony with these living assets.”

If a tree has sustained only minor damage, such as injury to small branches, it’s likely that little or no permanent damage will result — but pruning is recommended to help restore the tree’s aesthetic appeal.

For more severe damage, such as large broken branches, split crotches, broken bark, and splitting or splintering of the trunk, a certified arborist should be consulted. Only a certified arborist can appropritetly assess the damage and determine whether the tree can be saved. If the tree is diagnosed as unsafe, the arborist can facilitate its safe removal.

For assistance with a down or damaged tree, contact SavATree.

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