Swingle Customer Details

Same team, new roles

We are proud to be combining teams to create the best in the industry! Our territories and routes will be organized to provide the highest level of customer service possible, so you may be seeing some team members in new roles. Rest assured that our arborists, field specialists and office staff are all highly trained, dedicated professionals.

Trucks and uniforms

We will be deploying our fleet in a customer-centric way, so you might see a Mountain High truck at your home. Over time our fleet will all be rebranded to the SavATree name. The same applies to uniforms – the Swingle and Mountain High logoed clothing will eventually be replaced with SavATree.

Invoicing and payment

We will be leaving a doorhanger after services are performed, however future invoices will come in the mail or email. You can pay by mail or online. Please note: to pay online you must register with the SavATree payment portal. You will need to provide the email address associated with your Swingle account.

Customer Portal

New service names

Swingle, SavATree and Mountain High have combined the best of their service offerings, and changed our service names along the way. You will see new names for the same services. You can view the service name map-over here: New Services Names

What these changes mean to you

First off, we are just a phone call away. We want this transition to be seamless and flawless for you. We will continue to keep our promises to our loyal clients. We will work hard to earn your business, same as always. Our merging with SavATree and Mountain High Tree will provide you with more service choices and will allow us to combine technologies and scientific breakthroughs to be the very best provider of landscape care services on the Front Range!

Terms & Conditions