FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — BEDFORD HILLS, NY–July 12, 2012 – On Wednesday, July 11, 2012 the senior management team from SavATree participated in their annual Volunteer Day where they provided their services and expertise to the nationally renowned non-profit organization, Green Chimneys.

Located in Brewster, NY, Green Chimneys was founded in 1947 as a school where students would be able to learn responsibility and respect for nature through interaction with animals. That mission continues today as nearly 200 students with emotional, behavioral, social and learning challenges are given the chance to positively experience their youth, regain a sense of self-worth and create hope for the future as independent and productive adults.

Green Chimneys Community ServiceFor their Volunteer Day, 20+ members of SavATree’s senior management team tackled projects on the Green Chimneys campus such as the cleanup of storm-related debris on the ropes course, making it safer for students participating in activities that encourage teamwork and trust building. The SavATree team also pruned a group of apple trees whose canopies were encroaching on the horse paddock and conducted general cleanup activities around the Green Chimneys campus.

“We’re all very excited that we were able to offer our services to Green Chimneys. Their dedication to improving the lives of their students is inspiring and their unique curriculum that focuses on respect for all living things is something that we’re proud to endorse” said Daniel van Starrenburg, President of SavATree.

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