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Tree Reflections: The Perfect Playground

My favorite thing to do as a kid growing up in Pennsylvania was playing in our massive oak tree. It was wide with an expansive canopy and many opposing branches. My friends and I climbed that tree almost everyday, each claiming one of the large branches as our own. The tree was set high on our hill and guarded by thick brush, making it the perfect fortress for our games of war. Sometimes we would race down the tree as fast as we could trying to beat the cars coming by before they got to a certain point. We got to know the tree so well we could climb it at night – it gave us a great view of the town lights in the valley below. Even now, 25 years later, when I play with my own kids we gravitate towards trees and the carefree adventures they inspire.

C. Falkenberg – Hawthorne, New York


We want to capture some of the great stories that occur every day between people and their trees. If you have an interesting account to share, please submit it to us for publication. We are building a “Tree Reflections” page that will contain photos of people with their trees, either in their own yards, visiting special places, traveling, etc., with accompanying stories. Enter your information and send photo to

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