FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — BEDFORD HILLS, NY–July 3, 2012 – On June 29 and 30, an historic heat wave gave way to a line of powerful storms that cut a swath of destruction from the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic coast, devastating trees and landscapes. In the storms’ wake, SavATree is working hard to help our clients recover by clearing debris and preparing trees for the onslaught of future storms.

Meteorologists compared the strength of recent storms to that of a landfalling hurricane. Winds that measured up to 91 mph caused significant damage to trees. In the storms’ aftermath there are obvious issues: broken limbs and uprooted trees block roadways, sever power lines, crush vehicles, and severely damage homes. Yet, less apparent dangers are also present: stress endured during the storm weakens tree stability, fractures limbs high over-head, and leaves trees at risk of falling in heavy winds.

Tree on Small House After the storm, the first order of business is to mitigate the most significant hazards.

When surveying the landscape, residents and property managers are advised to contact an arborist if a chainsaw or ladder is necessary to remove branches damaged by the storm, if power lines are down, or if a tree’s structural integrity is uncertain. In some cases – with prompt care – trees that sustained considerable damage in the storm can be preserved

Before the next storm strikes, ask a SavATree arborist to conduct an extensive review of your property to assess the landscape for future threats.

Trees are more likely to endure extreme weather conditions if they receive proper, routine care. A qualified arborist is equipped to perform a thorough Risk Audit to investigate for factors such as visual evidence of root rot, signs of root plate lifting, space issues, transverse or longitudinal cracks, unbalanced canopies, or excessive lean.

Through early detection, SavATree arborists can identify conditions that may cause trees to fail and work with clients to develop a plan of action.

“Our Risk Audit system has proven very effective in the diagnosis and correction of the problems that affect the strength and viability of our customers’ trees,” said Dane Buell, Director of General Tree Care at SavATree. “While we can’t make guarantees, our system allows us to make an informed recommendation to the homeowner or property manager based on sound information.”

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