SavATree Builds and Donates Bicycles to Boys and Girls Club of Passaic, NJ


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — BEDFORD HILLS, NY–February 18, 2013 – SavATree, a leading provider of professional tree and lawn care services, recently held their annual sales conference, gathering together arborists from every branch for two days of training, idea-sharing and presentations from industry experts. This year’s conference wrapped up with an exciting and rewarding team building event.

Boys and Girls Club VolunteersIn keeping with the conference theme of Positivity, SavATree worked in conjunction with the Boys & Girls Club of Passaic, NJ to hold a “bike build” with the finished bicycles going to 28 deserving children at the Club. Through the Boys & Girls Club, SavATree asked 28 kids to submit a brief essay with an example of a positive adult in their life and how that positivity had impacted them. A handful of these essays were read aloud to the group to build excitement and provide some background on the bike recipients.

The SavATree arborists then worked with a professional team-building firm who had organized a series of iPad-driven activities to acquire “points” that would allow them to get their bike parts and tools. Once they had their materials, each team assembled one boys and one girls bike. Bikes were then checked by the team-building firm to ensure that they were safe and roadworthy before being delivered to the Boys & Girls Club.

“We always have fun with our team building activities, but this one was special” said Daniel van Starrenburg, President of SavATree adding that “I saw a remarkable amount of enthusiasm from our team as they built these bikes and we hope that their owners enjoy riding them as much as we enjoyed assembling them.”

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